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CELL BIOLOGY: Fraternal twins – A popular route for protein translocation across cellular membranes is through the Sec channel. The channel seems to function by forming a dimer of two identical units, where each serves a distinct role … News & Views in Nature, 446, 741-743 (2007)

Nanodiscs unravel the interaction between the SecYEG channel and its cytosolic partner SecA – We report here the reconstitution of a single SecYEG complex into nano-scale lipid bilayers, termed Nanodiscs. These water-soluble particles … EMBO J. 26, 1995-2004 (2007)

Deregulation of the SecYEG translocation channel upon removal of the plug domain – Previous studies have shown that the SecY plug is displaced from the center of the SecYEG channel during polypeptide translocation. The structural and functional consequences of the deletion of the plug are now examined … J Biol Chem. 282, 1281-1287 (2006). [abstract]

Investigating the SecY-plug movement at the SecYEG translocation channel. Protein translocation occurs across the energy-conserving bacterial membrane at the SecYEG channel …EMBO J. 24, 3380-3388 (2005)[abstract]

Preprotein translocation through the Sec translocon in prokaryotes. Almost 30% of the polypeptide chains synthesized by living cells are routed to extracellular or membrane locations. Most of these polypeptides are translocated via the Sec pathway … In Protein Movement Across Membranes. Ed. J. Eichler, Landes Biosciences Eds (2005)

Break on through to the other side–the Sec translocon. Proteins designated to reside outside the cytoplasm must, at some point, traverse a lipid-based membrane … Trends Biochem. Sci. 29, 221-223 (2004) [abstract]

Binding, activation and dissociation of the dimeric SecA ATPase at the dimeric SecYEG translocase. The bacterial preprotein translocase is comprised of a membrane-embedded oligomeric SecYEG structure and a cytosolic dimeric SecA ATPase … EMBO J., 22, 4375-4384 (2003)

The SecYEG preprotein translocation channel is a conformationally dynamic and dimeric structure. Escherichia coli preprotein translocase comprises a membrane-embedded trimeric complex of SecY, SecE and SecG … EMBO J., 21, 995-1003 (2002) [abstract]

Projection structure and oligomeric properties of a bacterial core protein translocase. The major route for protein export or membrane integration in bacteria occurs via the Sec-dependent transport apparatus … EMBO J., 20, 2462-2471 (2001) [abstract]

The PrlA and PrlG phenotypes are caused by a loosened association among the translocase SecYEG subunits. prlA mutations in the gene encoding the SecY subunit of the membrane domain of the Escherichia coli preprotein translocase confer many phenotypes: …EMBO J, 18, 3263-3270 (1999) [abstract]

Sec-dependent membrane protein biogenesis: SecYEG, preprotein hydrophobicity and translocation kinetics control the stop-transfer function. Preprotein translocase catalyzes membrane protein integration as well as complete translocation … EMBO J., 17, 696-705 (1998) [abstract]

Biogenesis of the bacterial cell envelope. Duong, F., Eichler, J., Price, A., Leonard, M. and Wickner, W. Cell , 91, 567-573 (1997) [abstract]

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